Bold, floral wedding Inspiration editorial

Bold, Floral filled ‘All in Bloom’ wedding editorial

All in Bloom – Bold, Floral wedding inspiration

I remember sitting at home in the middle of this pandemic thinking about all the things that make me smile and bring me to life. d had an idea for a bold, floral wedding inspiration shoot for a while and thought this is THE TIME to get back out there and do what i love. Since i can remember, ANYTHING floral filled has always been a key to my heart….

Being in lockdown for what felt like forever was taking it’s toll and by July i realised there could be a gap where we could get together and create!

I knew it was heading towards To Be Revealeds 1st business birthday and i had one goal left on my publications list for year 1 and that was Green Wedding Shoes. So i gathered together some amazing professionals and started to create the floral fantasy.

Floral Styling with Floral dreams

I have to admit, on the process of this bold, floral wedding inspiration shoot, i did think to myself – “How much floral is too much floral?” and then i’ll be honest i just decided that if i didn’t go crazy and all out on this then i was really not letting myself fulfil it’s potential.

“Inspired by the blooming of nature. The colour and vibrancy of the flowers as they bloom into vivid beings. Creating breath and movement so pure and real” – I wanted to show the blossoming of nature in a theatrical way with a real couple who themselves feel that they are blooming into being their best selves.

It was all about the florals! Maximalism at it’s best with clashes of colour—much like a beautiful garden. It is about imagining the blossoming of nature—and us as humans—to find our best selves. To blossom into exactly who we want to be. A couple growing from the rain into colourful, bold, unstoppable beings. We wanted to capture fearlessness and openness. Pure and gentle yet edgy and elegant. Photographing a real couple created purity and honesty in the shoot Taken from my interview with Green wedding shoes

Immersive bold, floral wedding inspiration

Every set up i create i always want to have some element of an Installation. If you took the couple out of the shoot i always love the way the set up can hold it’s own and still create a story all of it’s own. I think the theatrical in me LOVES this! I think from a place of immersing people into another dimension and leaving something to the imagination.

My first thought for the shoot was to have a colourful chair surrounded by rich florals of all different kinds. I imagined it to be somewhere people could sit and just imagine and breathe. To take everything in and just be free to blossom and grow. The insane burnt orange chair from Bramble Lane was the absolute dream! It added a colour clash to the pastel tones and gave it that bit of drama. Combined with plinths and stands that were decorated in floral wallpaper, draped in luxurious yet floaty fabric and all encased with real foliage and abundant florals. My only regret is not getting a good branding picture of me sat in that space haha!

Supplier team of absolute floral dreams

They say when you find the right team that everything comes together, and that is SO RIGHT! Sometimes when i pop a call out I’m not sure if people will think my ideas are crazy so i always buzz when people want to be involved!

Every single person on the team delivered ABOVE AND BEYOND. My absolute dream babe Taylar Jayde Photography is just the most talented person ever and if one person get’s me more than anyone else it is her. The bond over understanding movement, emotion and storytelling makes us a perfect team. She is forever capturing the contents of my brain in the most incredible, beautiful ways.

I remember scanning images thinking i need something a little crazy. Maybe a floral collar? A floral headpiece that is beyond the norm. I think any of you floral lovers out there will absolutely agree with me that The Flower Studio created an absolute masterpiece with this floral collar and cuff. I had tears when she sent me the designs – and again, not sure why i didn’t get a picture of me wearing this ( I think maybe Covid had something to do with that!).

Honestly, every supplier on this shoot was incredible and i cannot thank them enough for understanding my floral dreams and helping me tick of that last goal of getting published on Green Wedding Shoes. You can read our feature on there here;

Floral Editorial Abundance

I know that often you can get really lost in finding inspiration so i wanted this shoot to have an editorial feel but a down to earth nature that meant lots of people could find some inspirations there without feeling too overwhelmed.

I thought I would give you a few things to think about when you are choosing to go for a floral theme. Whether that is for a wedding, event or even home decor.


Flowers are seasonal so it is a good idea to research flowers that are in season at the time of year you need. Speak to a florist or a floral stylist, even look online and get some ideas of what flowers you can have when. It makes it a lot easier to then plan your colour schemes and it saves you from any disappointment of your favourites being unavailable.


Always consider what colour scheme you want to go for. Start with some base colours and then you can layer in some other colours. Base colours are the one’s you feel you will use more and the others will be used as accent colours to add in as pops of colour here and there. For example this shoot’s base colours were greens and pinks and the accent colours were orange and white. Also – Don’t be afraid to clash flowers a little. This doesn’t have to be so scary and the colours you choose can help you with this.


I’m sure i say this about most things but placement really is key! Top tip here is to think about using heights and variations so mixing higher flowers with lower flowers. Also consider your sight lines of where people will look and make sure you create statements here but also considering where people might be seating (if they are). You don’t want to block their view.

Honestly, i think this was the best shoot i’ve done. From a personal perspective and to show and prove to myself how much i have grown over the past year. I hope you love it too. If you want to see more of it then check out the blog on Green Wedding Shoes (linked above). If you would love more floral advice then click the blog links below or send me an email – I always love to help.

Love Stacey x

Photography: Taylar Jayde Photography //Venue Name Manchester Hall, Manchester, Lancashire, England // Stylist: To Be Revealed Styling // Flowers: The Flower Decorative // wedding dress: Marie Chandler Bridal // hairpiece: Luna and Wild // bride’s shoes: Diane Hassall // hair stylist: Daniella Makeup Hair // makeup artist: Daniella Makeup Hair // groom attire: ASOS // videography: Leesha Williams // paper goods: Mama Inc Studio (stationery + jacket) // cake: Little Button Bakery // models: Ursula Griffiths and Al // ribbons: Silk and Purl // cake stands: Bramble Sky // vintage stamps: Art Stamped // shoot assistant + flatlay styling: Peony and Lace // napkins: The Embroidered Napkin Company // props + additional styling : Bramble Lane // accessories: Bee Bela // floral collar + cuff: Flower Studio Manchester