Wedding & Event flowers

If you are looking for floral design that is wild, botanical and expressive then you're in the right place. I create floral design and style that embraces storytelling and nature. Inspired by cottage gardens and the way nature blossoms and grows, I believe movement, expression and texture are key to my wilder, free style

Have you ever walked somewhere and seen a floral display that draws you in? It evokes your senses and all you want to do is immerse yourself in it's floral loveliness? I love creating displays and styling that captures your attention and transports you to an absolute floral garden heaven. My style reflects a more natural, wild feel of the garden and the beauty of the natural world and seasons. I work with seasonal, British grown flowers where possible and always sustainable methods.

From bridal bouquets, to seasonal meadows. Installations and flower crowns - I would love to talk to you about your events and how I can bring floral filled joy to you. Fill in the form below or pop me an email and let's chat flowers


Naomi & Ben