Floral spring Styling staples for your home

Floral spring styling staples to brighten your home

I think i might have wrote the sentence ‘Spring is coming’ a million times lately BUT i really love Spring don’t you? Just seeing everything coming back to life – including ourselves this year! I really wanted to share with you some Floral Spring styling staples for your home. Things that will brighten it up and just take it from winter into something bursting with life.

It’s the perfect time to look for some pieces to add into your home. With Mothers Day and Easter coming up there are lots of amazing products around. I’m going to share some of my favourite items from amazing small businesses that i just know you will love. Little style staples that will just keep on giving again and again.

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Statement Floral spring Napkins

Napkins are the perfect little styling staple to add into your home for the Spring. You can create your tablescapes for dinner or use them to style up your weekend breakfast in bed (Sundays have to be in bed, right?). They add colour and character and just a bit of a sophisticated vibe.

There are so many incredible napkins available but my absolute favourites HAVE to be The Embroidered Napkin company. They create incredible embroidered napkins in a range of styles and if you haven’t seen them then check them out. From floral initials, to slogans to beautiful prints. They are the perfect statement piece for any styled dining set up.

Plus they also have stunning embroidered velvet ribbons, cushions and bags! So i guarantee you will find something you absolutely want. Personally i am just in love with the velvet ribbons and combined with the floral stitched napkins it is just a spring style staple i could use again and again.

Floral Spring pots and vases

Nothing quite says spring like potting seeds and waiting for then to turn into incredible flowers. So garden lovers, seed planters and general flower lovers this is one for you!

You can go big or small with this but adding some floral pots or vases to your home is such a lovely way to actually bring spring indoors. These pots are hand painted by The Little Paporium and aren’t they just incredible!?! They are perfect for just adding some colourful, spring joy in. Plus if you do like planting then you can keep one of your seed babies in there and just watch it blossom.

I don’t know about anyone else but i’ve been obsessed watching people hand painting floral prints on glass so i just had to share. Lucy Siviter creates incredible collections of hand painted glassware including this vases. They can be used as just a statement piece for your flowers or if you’re feeling a little extra then you can create an entire set up with her floral glasses to match too.

Floral spring soft Furnishings

Ok, i know that soft furnishings aren’t typically used on a tablescape BUT absolutely they need to be in your home. Plus i’m making them a style staple that absolutely can be used on a tablescape – especially your Easter one.

Let’s start with cushions. The ultimate style staple to transform any space with minimal effort. If you loved the napkins above them you will these this stunning embroidered cushion. They look beautiful on beds, sofas etc but have you ever been to a restaurant where they have cushions on your seats? If so, you’ll understand my point. Utilise cushions on your table settings, especially if you have quite roomy chairs that will allow this. It will make it super comfortable and just adds that extra special touch!

Another soft furnishing item you need for Spring is a rug. Now, not just any rug but one that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The reason for this is rugs looks so stylish underneath your tablescapes and once the weather picks up they will look just as amazing outside under your garden furniture.

Spring styling is all about re introducing that colour into your home. It doesn’t have to be pretty pastels and you absolutely can still go for a moodier vibe. It’s just adding that feeling of things coming back and blooming again. Honestly, this is just why i love flowers so much!

If you love the items i’ve featured in this blog then all the links are available under the images to take you to them. It’s such a lovely thing to support other small businesses so i’d love it if you could go and show them some love.

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Have a wonderful week

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The Embroidered Napkin company

The Little Paporium

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