Let’s talk about 2022

Hello 2022, let’s talk about you

Ok, let’s talk about 2022. I actually can’t believe that it is April already and I haven’t written anything! If you read my post before the new year, you will have seen the changes. I’ve jumped into floristry and floral styling this year. Change is never an easy thing and it’s an absolute rollercoaster but I am so grateful for the start. This year I feel ready to lead my business into new areas and keep pushing to create. If you know me well, you know that flowers and all things floral are my absolute love and passion. I don’t think I’ve used that enough through my business journey so this year, with the new changes, is the time to start.

It’s time to fully embrace the things I love, both in business and personally. To step up, step out and create something I am incredibly proud of. I’ll be talking about my garden, my love of gardens and the outdoors, floral style and of course, will be filling you with floral-filled joy!

Weddings and Events

I had an absolute blast finishing my wedding season in December last year. With my final styling and coordination bookings, before signing off to be a florist. I love styling but my heart lies within flowers and how I can work with them. So it felt right to no longer offer planning, styling and coordination bookings but purely floral design and styling.

I cannot wait to get going with the season this year. I have some beautiful weddings, colour palettes and creations to come which fill my heart. Garden inspired natural and wild designs that I cannot wait to work on. I have started the year with beautiful consultations and conversations that I hope will continue throughout the year. I really love talking flowers with people.

Garden love

If you know me, you will know how much I love having a garden. We moved to our current house last summer so it’s been lovely seeing things shoot up this spring. We planted a few things last summer and autumn but left the bulbs already in the beds to see what we already had. Turns out we have a TON of Bluebells, which we did know but they aren’t really my favourite and they are taking over everything else. Might have to do something about that! We did find we have an absolute stunning Hellebore and some gorgeous daffodils and Muscari so that has been a joy to see.

This year is a bit of an investigation into the garden and starting to grow my own flowers to work with. I successfully grew an incredible crop of Cosmos last year which blew my mind! All from seed too. This year I am hoping to replicate that and go even bigger with those and my sweetpeas are looking fab indoors at the minute too. I will keep you up to date on the progress with it all. It’s a tiny space so could never be a cutting garden but i see no reason why we can’t create at least a cutting patch?

Workshops and classes

I always knew when I made the decision to close the business and focus on flowers that workshops were something I wanted to do. I love teaching. It comes from teaching dance and drama for years, and I just love that feeling of teaching someone and seeing the positive impact it can have on them. It’s so special.

In my dreamy world, I hope to one day have a workshop that people can come to. It’s definitely something that spurs me on. I want to create workshops that aren’t just a nice floral treat, but that have a deeper meaning and feeling than that. I’m not sure if it’s my dance career or my general love of psychology but I want things to have meaning constantly. Maybe it’s just how I’m programmed?

Anyway, I hope to start creating workshops this year and am excited about the prospects and the outcomes of them. Plus, I do love collaboration across creative disciplines so keep your eyes peeled for some potential workshop collaborations.

Honestly, I feel so connected to things this year and I am so excited to continue along this floral-filled business journey. Creating with flowers and fauna in so many different ways is incredible. Thank you to those who follow along and join in!

Going forward this year I want to tap into being more present so I will be creating a monthly newsletter that is bulkier but filled with lots of floral-filled joy and goodness that I hope you love. I will leave the sign-up link for that at the bottom of the page.

I hope that 2022 is a happy one for you all so far. If you ever need that escape for some flowers then come over or send me a message. I am always open to a floral conversation.

Love Stacey x