Mini Dried Flower bunches for your place settings

Mini Bunch place settings for your stylish tables

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I absolutely love Dried Flower bunches and i LOVE creating lots of little ways you can use them again and again. So if you have bought a bunch of dried flowers and want a way to utilise them ready for Christmas then i have a really easy way to create mini Dried flower bunches for your place settings.

All you need is a few stems – i would suggest around 4 – Some twine, ribbon or elastic and a pair of trusty scissors. You can use whatever type of dried flowers you have that will go with whatever theme you are thinking of and pick your faves!

Step one – Choose your stems for your mini Dried Flower bunches

As I’ve said you only need around 4 stems to make really cute mini dried flower bunches so grab your favourites. You want to think about the heights of the flowers and make sure you have one statement piece as your focal element. A foliage piece works perfectly and something like lavender adds a stunning scent. If you haven’t got a scented piece then you can add a little spray.

Once you’ve chosen them, snip them to around 15cm….

Step Two – Place them together to create your mini bunches

Take your stems and start to piece them together. Start with the larger stems and place them together. The key with this is to think about every stem facing forward as it will be placed on top of your plate or on the table.

You can play around a few times to get it just how you want. See what you think works best. Play around with the height difference so some of the stems are smaller than others. Once you have the perfect bunch together you can snip the bottoms to the right size. Making sure that you leave at least 1cm of stem at the bottom….

Step Three – Tie the bunches together

Once you have your bunch snipped into the right size you need to tie it together. I’m using about 3cm of a pink elastic twine but you can use whatever you feel fits. Twine is really lovely for a more rustic feel or you can use ribbon or even an elastic band (if there is nothing else available).

You want to make sure you are starting the tie from the back so you don’t end up with a tie at the front. Leave a little bit off the end so you can tie it and start wrapping it around the stems. You want to do it quite tight so it stays but not too tight that you snap the stems. Once you’ve wrapped round a little leave a little extra on the end to tie the knot at the back.

Step Four – Style it up!

Once you have made up your little bunch you can style it up on your table place setting. There are lots of creative ways you can do this including placing on your guests plates and tying it into your napkin. Come back for my next blog to find ways you can use your little mini bunch creatively on your table……

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Love Stacey x