Why you need flowers in your life

Mental Health benefits of flowers in your life

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” ― Luther Burbank

It has been said so many times that flowers and plants make people smile. After the year we have all had i think we need to find moments to smile more than anything. There are so many reasons why you need flowers in your life. Flowers are long been proven to create and generate happiness. Surveys have always stated that those who have flowers in their homes or are surrounded by flowers are generally happier, more relaxed and content.

There are many reasons for this. There is an association with colour stimulation and how the bright nature of flowers has an impact on our brains. Of course they can smell amazing too (if you look after them properly) and they are often associated with a relaxing nature. All in all flowers are sensory so they do impact us in some way. If you don’t currently have any flowers in your home on a regular basis then i would love you to give this a try and see if it makes any little changes to the way you feel.

Flowers promote healthy living

Another reason why you need flowers in your life is that flowers and plants naturally generate oxygen which then circulates around where you are. This is really important as we all know we need oxygen to live but we can very often forget that the air inside our homes can be just as toxic as outside. This actually means that they can boost brain cells and keep up healthier. Boosting brain cells obviously then links to improving memory and concentration – making them an absolute super star!

So not only are flowers great for boosting your mood, they actually boost your brain too! I don’t know about you but whenever i am outside in a flower garden i do notice there is a definite change in the way i feel both mentally and physically. I feel much lighter, happier and breathing in fresher air just makes such a difference to the immune system.

A sense of coming together

I just feel this one is so relevant at the moment so I’m bringing it in as a reason. I’m sure at some point or another you have given or received flowers (or both!). Doesn’t it just feel amazing? There is something special about sending someone something and getting that feeling that you have made someone smile. No matter what is going on. It brings you closer even if you are far apart and i think that is so priceless.

There has been such a rise in letterbox and postal deliveries of flowers. In 2020 i started offering postal dried flowers bunches with my company To be Revealed Styling and the reaction to them was so lovely. Flowers just have a way of saying words that maybe we can’t say or bringing us closer to someone we cannot see in person.

There really is nothing better than opening a bundle of colour that looks and smells incredible!

This is something i am so passionate about and you will see more of soon but i want to introduce The Happy Flower Challenge. Having flowers in your house as consistently as possible for a few weeks and noticing any changes to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Does it make you feel more relaxed and happier? Have you noticed any other changes? I would love to hear if you’ve taken on the challenge so does share and watch out for The Happy Flower Challenge coming very soon!

Have a wonderful week

Love Stacey x