Why you should rent a tablescape

3 reasons why you should rent a tablescape

Ever had the urge to create a table set up that will really wow your guests? Maybe for a dinner party, a small event or even a hen party? Well, i want to tell you why you should RENT a tablescape. Instead of going out and buying a load of new stuff that you will have no use for afterwards, why not rent a curated tablescape with everything you need? Renting a tablescape has become a real option recently, particularly with the pandemic. There are many reasons why it is beneficial to do so let me share.

Today i was featured on the amazing SheerLuxe. They wrote an article all about tablescape rentals and i was one of 8 companies featured! An absolute privilege to be on there amongst the other businesses. So i wanted to come here and explain to you why i decided to offer rentals AND why they should be the option you go for if you’re having an smaller scale event. I’ve also linked the SheerLuxe article below so you can take a look.

1 – Sustainability

I’m really big on sustainability and this was just another way that i could add to that. Renting your tablescape is a more sustainable option in many ways. The fact you can get everything you need brought to you and picked up afterwards means you have less waste. Buying things that you really don’t need, and will never use again is one of the ways we create so much waste.

Another sustainability factor is the quality of the items you rent. All of the items are high quality and durable meaning they can be used over and over again. My tablescape rentals have no single use plastic and every item is hand picked for quality. So if you are wanting to be more sustainable with your home then rentals are the perfect way to do this. Plus, nobody wants a cupboard full of clutter!

All tablescape options also come with the option of flowers. All flowers i use are sustainably sourced and are British grown where possible.

2 -Budget

I’m going to link this to the above because i think they can go hand in hand. One of the reasons i wanted to launch tablescape rentals was so that people could feel they can afford some luxury. If you need to go out and buy everything you need for a tablescape but you have a limited budget then it can feel a little overwhelming. Not only that, but it can also mean that you buy things of a lower quality and items that you can’t reuse.

I see my tablescape rentals as an affordable luxury. Something that feels special but not really far out of reach. I want you to have that Pinterest worthy, Instagrammable tablescape and renting yours is a way to work within any type of budget.

3 – Saving you time

Hands up who would love to set up a fab tablescape that others will swoon over but just doesn’t have the time? I know that for a lot of people the thought of actually setting up, styling and deciding is just too much. Time that you don’t have! Well that’s another reason why renting a tablescape is really useful. The tablescapes are already set out for you so you can choose which one you like and then everything you need arrives with you!

With my tablescape rentals, I also offer a set up service which comes as a small added fee on top. Perfect if you want a perfectly laid tablescape without that time of setting it up. Simply choose a tablescape, i come and deliver, set up for you and then pick everything back up after the event! Sounds great right?

So there you have my 3 reasons why you should a tablescape! There are so many other reasons i could probably go into including the fact that they just really add that something extra. I’ll keep it here though.

If you would love to see more of my tablescape rentals that are available right now then click the link below. The link to the SheerLuxe feature is linked too and as always pin this if you love it!

Have a lovely week tablescape fans and i hope to speak to you soon.

Love Stacey x

SheerLuxe Feature – https://sheerluxe.com/home/8-places-to-rent-stylish-tablescape